Tumbling for Dance

Dance tumble is focused on progressions and skills that are useful to high school, studio and all-star dancers. Skill and surface progressions are utilized to safely teach the athlete to adapt to the unique needs of dance choreography. Athletes will progress from spring floor basics and skill drills onto padded surfaces, through numerous surface progressions to achieve a skill that will be trained on hard floor. Athletes will have the chance to work on skills ranging from headsprings, kip ups and rubber bands, to front aerials, websters and rotating entrances to aerial. Dance choreography requires modified entrances and exits from skills. Drills and progressions are designed with these needed modifications in mind. Dance and dance tumble has unique flexibility and strength requirements. The dance tumble open gym will have foam rollers and resistance bands available for athletes to properly manage the unique stresses on the body due to the abstract nature of their athletic discipline. No two dances are exactly the same and no two dancers have the exact same needs. Conditioning and body maintenance techniques are used from NASM’s Corrective Exercise Continuum to adapt each athlete individually to the needs of their specific skills and choreography. Athletes are encouraged to bring videos of their choreography for instructors to reference, as well as partners if competing in duets or group dances/skill groups. Athletes should also bring footwear that is used in their dance to simulate the conditions they will be competing in. If athletes have foam rollers or bands of their own, they’re encouraged to bring this equipment so that they may learn to build pre/post training routines with the equipment that will be available at competitions.