Trampoline Classes

Trampoline: Level 1

– Controlled bounces, staying within the circle drawn on the tramp.

– Forward jump to your back, bounce to your feet.

– Backdrop, pull feet over your head to a stand.

– Learning tuck, pike, straddle positions in a game of stick.

– Seat drop, doggie drop, belly drop, and back drops.

– 180 and 360 spins while staying on your feet.

– Knee drop to handstand, and seat/back drop to handstand.

Level 2

– Front and back handsprings.

– Dive roll

– Peanut rolls, front and back.

– Back and front flips.

– 360 and 180 tuck, pike, straddle jumps.

– 180 to belly and 180 to back, also from belly or back up to your feet.

– 360 to belly and 360 to back, also from belly or back up to your feet.

– Connected skills (Add on)

– Working on some sort of twisting for flips (Arabians, cat twists or full to your back).

– Tuck and pike flip kick outs.

Level 3

– Working on full or higher (Twisting).

– Connecting actual routines.

– Working on double flips (All/any variations).

– Table tops 180 and 360

– One and 3/4 flips

– Knows ALL basics because we will still work the basics!