Tumbling Classes

Tumbling: Level 1

– Handstand holds, walks, and blocks.

– Forward and backwards rolls, standing up without using your hands.

– Cartwheels (Both sides).

– Round offs.

– Front and back limbers.

– Toe punches to 180 or 360.

– Dive roll (Can be low) or dolphin rolls.

– Handstand block to back and round off rebounds to back.

Level 2

– Knows all the basics and does them well.

– Front and back handsprings (Step outs allowed).

– Round off, tuck or round off, back handspring, tuck.

– Front handspring tuck or front handspring dive roll.

– Working Arabians (Back half) and front half.

– Connected tumbling (Multiple back handsprings or multiple different skills.

– Working standing tumbling (Standing tuck, or full. Most tumbling starting from power hurdle).

– Running dive roll (Must get some air)!

– Front and back flips, aerials.

Level 3

– Working step-outs on any skill.

– Twisting working fulls and up.

– Working on double flips.

– Connection tumbling and synchronization tumbling.

– Standing tumbling.

– Bounce backs.

– Thinking about how to tumble on harder surfaces (What to do and why you do it).